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I tortured myself this week by listening to the Republican debate hosted by the DesMoines Register. To put it bluntly, what a bunch of assholes. Each one trying to out-Bush himself in advocating for more war. Except for McCain and Huckabee, they stumble over themselves trying to out-hate immigrants. And Giuliani never met a question he couldn't avoid answering. (But his new "I'm not perfect... so?" strategy is a brilliant smokescreen.)

What bothers me this morning is their jousting over religion, as they try to tickle the bellies of evangelical Christians. What's wrong with Mormons, except for the Osmonds and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir trying to sing pop tunes?

Religion and politics do a delicate dance. I understand that it's hard for passionate believers not to worry about evil in public policy. And many great reforms -- like abolition of slavery -- came from the fervor of religious people.

But why can't debate moderators ask the right questions? Instead of quizzing candidates about whether God created the world in 7 days, ask them how their beliefs would influence their Chief Executive decisions. What do Creationists think we should do about global warming? If they are going to do what they think Jesus would do, I want to see the plan.

But the Republicans all seem incredibly full of hatred, drooling over the opportunity to deport Mexican gardeners and to torture other suspicious brown-skinned people as terrorists. If I were forced to hold my nose and pick one, it would be John McCain -- he gets it about torture and he gets it about illegal immigrants. Even though he doesn't quite get it about Iraq, he doesn't seem like a maniac.

Meanwhile the multi-national corporations, oil men, and arms manufacturers rule the world. Free-market, unregulated, subsidized capitalism seems to be the only religion that counts. The fat cats are only laughing at our stupid little debates.


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