mad in pursuit journal



It wasn't the worst storm I've seen in these part but we had some drama outside our window.

The recycling truck came by around two. As the big truck tried to go right, around our drive, it spun around and wound up perched at a precarious angle across the road. Behind the truck in this picture is a steep downhill slope -- narrow, unplowed-icy, lined with front doors and garage doors.

The red tow truck came but the driver didn't have a clue how to unwedge the heavy truck from its dilemma.

We met a lot of our neighbors as we all stood out in the snow wondering if the truck would topple down the hill, crashing into people's townhouses along the way. The suspense was thrilling.

It took at least 3 hours of head-scratching and chin-pulling for the disposal company and the tow truck driver to strategize their way out of the mess. They were able to pull the truck forward enough for it to turn its wheels and back down the hill. Painstaking.


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