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CSS codeDevil in the Details

The world held its breath yesterday as I tinkered with this web page. A performance without a net, since I hadn't make a back-up copy. Why won't it center itself on the screen? The layout code is CORRECT, damn it!!! And yet my page still hugs the left edge.

I adjusted a couple of things and suddenly everything went haywire. Nothing lined up in the 3-column structure you're supposed to see here. I unraveled every mysterious line, poking and tweaking, taking away, putting back. The graphic at the right is a fragment of the coding that makes this page looks the way it does.

I closed it all up and walked away.

Came back.

Opened it all back up.

And the page was centered! Now -- what had I done RIGHT???

Oh, the devil is in the details.

Not to get technical, but there had been a mismatch between "MainWrap" in one place and "mainwrap" in another. Aaaaaiiiiyy... How many hours had I spent on this???

Oh, well I guess some people work crossword puzzles, others practice their juggling. I mess with my own very humble coding.


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