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Journey Map [see updated version]

Aren't we always the hero of our own drama?

I work on this diagram from time to time. [Click on graphic below for full size version.] It incorporates ideas from a variety of sources about those stages we go through to get anything done -- from the grand hero's adventure to latest damn project. Always the inner psychological struggles, always the challenges engaging with the real world, round and round we go.

Hero Cycle

I tinkered with this before we went to Richmond. I like having a map to help me orient myself within the landscape of whatever project or adventure I'm getting myself into. (Helps me get Grounded -- Step 1.) Working it over is kind of a personal meditation. But during our Richmond discussions, we got talking about circles and cycles and I pulled this out. I spared Pat and Lesley all the philosophy -- they didn't need it. They got the idea of the internal-external productivity cycle instantly. It's life, really.


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