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Manic Monday

I ran around like a crazy woman yesterday. Ebay coughed up a few sales. My 1998 laptop finally sold for $100, which demanded no end of fussing over the packing and a comedy of errors over shipping it by UPS (Ebay-to-Post-Office works much better). Hermanita had to be picked up from boarding -- always a project because we have to carry her huge cage with legs sticking out of my trunk. Anyway, yadda-yadda-yadda till 3 o'clock when I finally sat down with pencil and paper to draw. Actually set up my table-top drawing board.

baby-sittersOne of Lesley's applications is Swap Keeper, a program designed to manage babysitting co-ops -- the kind where a group exchanges points for sitting requested vs. sitting provided. But it can be used for any sort of service exchange system. So I started sketching something simple that might be used in her advertising or webpage. My goal was to keep them really simple but still expressive. They looked pretty good.

I was anxious to scan them and trace them in Adobe Illustrator before I went to bed. I did a pretty crappy job, moving as fast as possible with my Pencil Tool. Wobbly lines. Now I need to re-do the lines with a little more grace and refinement, which we decided would characterize Lesley's marketing (since her products have that well-crafted designed-by-an-architect beauty and functionality).

baby sitters


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