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I'm ba-a-a-ck!

confabWhen was the last time we did an 11-hour driving marathon? Not in any decade I can remember. We left Richmond Virginia yesterday morning at 8 AM and (with a few pit stops) just kept driving. 7 PM: home sweet home.

How did we wind up in Richmond in the first place? What a tale, starting in the Eighties, full of twists and turns. Long story short, Pat D's daughter Lesley is starting a software development business in Richmond. After a feeler sent by Lesley, Pat and I had the wacky idea to meet up with her and spend a couple days consulting and strategizing.

Lo and behold we did it. Neither dysfunctional furnace nor puking 4-year-old (both Lesley's) kept us from generating a mountain of ideas. On Thurday evening, Pat, Lesley, Jim and I went out to dinner and my friends pulled off a completely unexpected birthday celebration. Then Jim, Pat and I went out on Friday night. Pat and I must have had 6 beers apiece while Jim patiently listened to us blab, blather, and blubber on in our true mutual admiration society. (Pat stoked my 1980s graphics business while she built her aerobic dance empire before retiring happily to Florida.)

Today I need to do a brain-dump of all the website and advertising ideas that are currently trapped in quick paper notes in my folder...

Meanwhile, Jim collected a pile of brochures and maps both from our day touring Gettysburg last Wednesday and from all the sights he visited in Richmond while the girls focused on our dreams.


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Photo: Lesley & Pat hard at work on Day 2.