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Kerouac WisdomPuttering Artist

Since last week was all sales anxiety and next week is all travel and sociability, I figured I'd take a chunk of the day yesterday as artist time.

I find these days -- without a specific assignment -- that creativity flits around the edges of my vision, something I see out of the corner of my eye. Look directly at it and it flies away. Must be treated like a moody lover -- pretend I don't care... but sit by the phone in case the call comes.

So I put out my supplies but flipped on the TV to "Scariest Movie Moments," cleaned my Rapidograph pens, researched hotels in Richmond, cut up pieces of cardboard, reorganized my To Do cards... Along the way I did the above [mouse over it to see enlargement].

This product is less spontaneous and more worked over than the three I did last week. I sketched in pencil first. She is left-handed because I had to look at my hand in a mirror in order to draw it. The words are not my own ravings but a few of Kerouac's 30 points for writing prose, which it's taken me 2 months of Zen meditation to begin to grasp. This morning, for a change of pace, I worked it over in Photoshop to change the colors. And I decided to give her face a glow of... late night lamplight? Or enlightenment?


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