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Saturday, 10.27.07: Week In Review

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A little unhinged this week, in a good way.

Sales. Had a hard time settling in on what to focus my curatorial/sales efforts on. Half of it is my being overwhelmed by all the possibilities; half, my looking for the most entertainment value as I catalog and research. Got a grip and settled in on what's in front of me: My White Table of the Waylaid & Woebegotten (WTWW)-- my these-are-NOT-going-back-into-the-cabinet assorteds. Fine, fine. Made a pretty good dent in the pile by this morning. (When listed for sale, my items move from the WTWW downstairs to the Inventory shelves in the utility room, where I can't hear them whining.)

Finally chased down a sale of 8 of our public health history books. Buzz! Only 86 more to go.

Consulting vacation. Getting ready to head down to Virginia on Tuesday for a few days. Looking forward to the drive.

Hermanita had a visit with the vet. My 25-year-old parrot diva is acting a little off-balance so she needed to be checked out. Nothing obvious to vet. Blood tests back on Tuesday.

Artsy. Fooling around with my index cards [1] [2] [3]. Trying to be Zen-Beat spontaneous. I don't even like colored pencils but they are easy to use and have a certain mad-poet charm.*

TV. We're catching up on TV series via DVD. Season 2 of "Bones" (predictable and improbable but entertaining). A BBC police-procedural called "Cracker" (brilliant alcoholic gambler police psychologist solves cases while his own life falls apart -- amazingly good, but dark). And "30Rock" Season 1 (funny, nice change of pace). Is "House" boring this season or am I just not paying attention enough?

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*Relooking at various "outsider" artists:

Outsider Art

Ray Johnson. Movie: "How to Draw A Bunny"

Henry Darger. Movie: "Realms of the Unreal"