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Old acquaintance not forgot

It's happened twice now. An old friend visits town and I find we have grown more alike than different.

Out of the blue on Friday night Carol N. called. She was in town for her 35th college reunion, could she stop by?

Carol and I met in 1972 as grad students in Community Health. Jim was her advisor. When we graduated in '75, we both continued working for the Dept. of Preventive Medicine till we got "real-world jobs" in 1979. Our tiny grad student class was very close. We had dinner parties (some disastrous but I guess we were willing to take risks with one another) and went sailing. Then Carol and her husband moved to Quincy Illinois and started a family. We lost touch.

Not having kids is a definite handicap in maintaining friendships. Sharing the phases of family life is strong glue between people who start out life together. I lost several friends when they decided to have kids and all the dynamics of their lives changed.

So it was surprising that after 28 years, Carol and I could hardly contain the sharing of our "art lives." Her laptop held her portfolio of gorgeous calligraphy and watercolors and I was dragging out some of my stuff to show. We left each other totally inspired and promising to stay in touch. From politics to religion we couldn't squeeze it all in.

She came over with Jane D, who I also knew from a different era of my life. Poor Jane hardly got a word in edgewise. And Jim beamed on, appreciating the products of all his influence.


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