mad in pursuit journal


Shuffle the deck

me me me me me

Confluence of ideas:

... Getting Things Done organizational approach

... putting it all on index cards (my desk area now peppered with index cards)

... Tarot card reading as a creative stimulant

... I found this mind map in a notebook -- I must have done it years ago. It's definitely ME.

mind map

... "sketch in the streets like a painter but with words" -- advice that made Jack Kerouac fill tiny pocket-sized notebooks with his observations and meditations about art and life.

... reading about Oblique Strategies, Creative Whack Pack, Observation Deck, and other card decks for stimulating creativity

So I thought to myself, hmmm...

Self, I said, why not make a deck of cards for your own creative work? What gets me going when I'm stuck? What inspires me to write or draw or play at Photoshop or start a new movie/radio production? Draw it or print it out on the handy index card.

Easier said than done, of course. I printed out or hand-lettered 9 cards so far. But I figure it's an excuse to be absolutely inconsistent within the consistent frame of a 3x5 card. One or two a day... at least something a little creative among my sales work.