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My Wednesday

Twists and turns in my never a dull moment day.

... Intended to wake up at 5 and go to early morning Zen sitting, but woke up at 4, restless. Wrote my web entry instead.

... Email from a dealer we know in California who wanted us to express-mail him a set of 19th century photos so he could show them to a client this weekend for possible sale. Jim and I spent a while running around doing that. And I decided I better type out a detailed list of what we were sending, so I did that.

... I was going to head out to yoga class, but did my own little peaceful zazen meditation, then decided to go to the store for a rotisserie chicken and ice cream.

... Was going to practice drawing, but wound up doing another small revision of my work for Lesley.

... Ice cream for lunch. What's up with that?

... Then I thought, what the hell, if I have my "copy stand" set up, I'll photograph the other set of glass negatives I found. Done. Copy stand disassembled. Photos photoshopped.

... Glass of wine.

... How did I begin organizing the scan files for our 113 Hollywood glamour portraits? Oh yeah, it's on my To-Do list because we're going to a photo show this weekend and I want to show a mini version of the collection to potential buyers. Long shot.

... Dinner -- ate the chicken. Took a nap. Caught up with a couple of Season 2 episodes of "Bones."

... I had an idea of what I was going to do back at my desk, but picked up an email from the woman who "won" the auction of my little laptop computer for $200 (she was the only bidder). Oops, it was her 14-year-old brother who bought the computer and she doesn't have any money. Grrrrr... What a pain.

... Uh, still no drawing practice.


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