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Trip Through the Midwest

Oh, we're home! And sultry summer has turned to fall.

mad midwestOn our way to St. Louis, we went the usual Interstate route: West on I-90; turn left at Cleveland; turn right at Columbus for smooth sailing on I-70 to St. Louis (with an overnight in Dayton).

We had a fine weekend in St. Louis, catching up with family. The Price family picnic was densely attended, with good representation of four generations from all five branches. Great conversations, but so many left unfinished.

We chose the scenic route home, along the Mississippi's Great River Road and other scenic byways through Midwestern places neither of had ever been. We poked along the Mississippi and spent the first night outside of Davenport Iowa. Second day, on up to Dubuque IA, then meandered across Wisconsin to Green Bay on Lake Michigan. Third day we cut up into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and found a wonderful Holiday Inn Express at Musining right on Lake Superior -- the peak of our trip. Gorgeous.

Day four, we crossed the immense Mackinaw Bridge to the lower part of Michigan and moseyed along the coast of Lake Huron till we hit I-75 at Bay City. Time to see how much distance we could cover to be within a easy drive home. We pushed ourselves to get to Ann Arbor, west of Detroit. Would you know -- after all the lonesome, post-summer places we visited, it was football weekend at the U of Michigan. We got the last (and most expensive) room at the Holiday Inn, but it was fun to see the place jumpin' and jivin' with college football nuts.

Yesterday we were pedal to the metal on the I-80 and I-90 through Toledo Ohio, Cleveland, Erie Pennsylvania, Buffalo New York, and finally home. How sweet home feels after days on the road. I'm full of energy, with a long to-do list.

I loved this scenic route more than last year's meander through Tennessee. There are actually still local restaurants in the upper Midwest. But I'll save my philosophizing on the state of America till tomorrow... [continue>>>]


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