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Drawn In

I spent Saturday evening with my old pal Pat Drum, who aerobic danced me through the 1980s and inspired me to draw cartoons and bodies in motion, even though I "couldn't."

Pat and her husband have lived in Florida since about 1990, in a tiny house on the beach that her daughter designed while in architecture school. They work when they need to, but otherwise pursue a vigorous agenda of traveling and hobbies. Pat and I, when we got reacquainted last year, discovered we still share a lot in common: family history hobby, video-making, travel, more or less staying fit, and friendly debates over religion.

Pat's daughter Lesley is the architect (who lives in Virginia, mother of two) but has also developed software for managing design studio business. She wants to market it through a web site, but web design is learning curve she's yet to tackle. Pat is trying to broker an arrangement for me to help Lesley put some pizzazz in her site.

I'm not looking for outside work these days, but Pat has her magic that pulls me in and I wound up playing with the layout much longer than I'd planned yesterday. I used her homepage materials to create a mock-up of one possible approach, using a couple little design elements I already had in my files. Architecture sites tend to be in shades of gray... got me thinking.

Pre Post

Doing a web page for someone else is always harder than it seems at first. Nothing ever works how you expect it to. Anyway, that's how I wound up spending most of my day.


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