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Summer of My Mind

Some well-to-do, artsy types go summering in the south of France. Provençe. For the moment, Penfield is my Provençe. Why not?

The farmers' markets and vineyards are nearby. Summer arts and crafts fairs abound. My window has a view. Not the ocean, but who needs all that salt, sand, and ultraviolet anyway? Lake Ontario is a few miles north in case we need a seascape with gulls.

Jim added new vegetables to our pot of soup yesterday. And I made a large batch of pesto with all the basil I bought on Friday. Basil (2 c., packed leaves) + garlic (3 cloves) + pine nuts (3 T) + virgin olive oil (1/2 c) + Parmesan cheese (1/4 to 1/2 c, to taste): grind in the food processor just enough to blend — keep a little texture. What could conjure the Mediterranean any more convincingly than fresh pesto on a cracker or a dollop in the soup?

While my physical pleasure is in Provençe, my mind spent yesterday in the East Midlands of England. I had finally made some learning curve breakthoughs in Adobe InDesign — a page layout program for printing rather than for the web. I thought a good exercise would be to transfer the text of my Price-Dunne family history work from my website to a printed format. Next thing I knew it was 11 PM. It's hard to believe I've aquired so much information on the Prices. I see how telegraphic and organically organized my website info is. Find a fact. Plop it in somewhere. My challenge: tell stories; make them pretty.

My goal is to be the geek at the family picnic who arrives with handouts.


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