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Rethinking August

August has always been my annual "transition zone" — a long bridge between the excitement of early summer and the fresh start busy-ness of September. I'm a serious person and August mocks me. I just can't spend a month working on my tan.

Last year August was so long that I had to declare it to be September on August 29.

I'm not school-oriented anymore — no school supplies or new books to buy. I'm not an organization woman anymore — no rush of September meetings and projects to mentally prepare for. The day before Labor Day is the same as the day after Labor Day. I don't need to relax and catch my breath before the whirlwind of autumn.

So I need a new mental model for August. It can't be a long bridge between last season and next season. August needs a plan — a plan that doesn't require that pretending it's September.


1. Get outdoors. Go fishing. Remember how damn cold I was last winter and appreciate my green summer. What happened to my plan to go biking?

2. Road trips. Day trips with Jim at least once a week. New York State is beautiful if you don't mind boarded up towns.

3. Food. Enjoy the local produce. Not exactly a project — I don't think I want to start canning or making jelly. But it's a way to enjoy something new every day and to support local farming.

4. Zen. Day-long introductory workshop on August 11. Work on expanded consciousness, always a plus.

5. Ebay. Stock my store. Here's the real work project. I've taken the summer off from Ebay and I could use the spare change for things like updating my software.

6. Writing. Get my family history book project to a point where I can bring a little show-and-tell to St. Louis is September. This probably means I'll want to learn Adobe InDesign.

7. Tutorials. Write a couple new tutorials for my web.

Okay. Go.


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