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Metropolis Visits the Upstate Suburbs

Terry, Anny, Jim Our friends Anny and Terry arrived on Monday afternoon, bearing ecstasy-inducing chocolate from La Maison du Chocolat, a Paris chocolatier located at Rockefeller Plaza. In return, we provided July produce: cantaloupe peaches, and corn.

It's wonderful to have friendships that last decades — the kind where you can go without seeing one another for five years* and immediately pick up on all you hold in common, even when so much has changed. We are at the age now where we don't have to work for corporate go-getters who are only interested in where the money's coming from and how fast you can get the product out. The source of our complaints is no longer the Boss. And yet somehow, we still have complaints, mostly in the category of "what this world is coming to," from rudeness to Republicans.

Anny's grandparentsWe imbibed gin & tonics and diet grape soda. Ate at Tapas and Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. Shopped at Wegman's and the farmer's market. Visited the new Miller Center at the Eastman School of Music, to see the dedication to Anny's grandparents. Found the good shoe store. Saw the baby parrots at Birds Unlimited. Toured the local trout stream. Saw the Ansel Adams exhibit at the Eastman House. Examined the whole of Jim's Japanese art and photo collection. And were entertained by Hermanita's diligent climbs up the stairs to the second floor — an odd thing for a creature with wings to endeavor.


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*Their last visit was exactly 5 years ago.

PHOTOS: (top) Terry, Anny, and Jim in front of the Miller Center; (below) Anny's grandparents — a photo taken by Anny's mother and on display at the Miller Center.