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road tripRoad Trip: Corning

Yesterday we drove the 90 miles south to Corning NY, home of Corningware, Pyrex, Steuben Glass... fiber glass... fiber optic cable. Our destination: the Corning Museum of Glass.

Corning Inc is now a huge multinational corporation but oddly enough, still has its world headquarters in little old Corning, just down the road a piece from Painted Post. The interstate system will take you there now from Rochester or Pittsburgh or NYC. But if you go along the byways you can't help but notice that Corning is a gem among the living-dead towns of rural New York.

The glass museum is world class, from demonstrations of glass-blowing, to a gallery of contemporary glass sculpture to a mind-boggling exhibit on the history of glass. I watched an old movie showing workmen grinding patterns into heavy bowls — crafting the kind of early 20th-century American brilliant-cut glass my grandmother collected.

Too much to absorb on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Overall, what impressed me is this: people have always love playing with fire.


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