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"The Secret"

All the rage: "The Secret" — both book and movie about the "law of attraction." One of those "as seen on Oprah" phenoms.

From Hardly A Secret, on Belief.Net:

The law of attraction goes like this: when you think good thoughts, good things happen, and when you think bad thoughts, bad things happen. (That's my preschool version.) A person's thoughts and mental images are like magnets, bringing her either success (for positive thoughts) or failure and misery (for negative thoughts). According to Byrne and similar thinkers, every one of us can determine the quality of her life with her thoughts.

Pros: The power of positive thinking is nothing new. Strongly visualizing what you want is a great first step to success. Releasing yourself from negative expectations — good. Louis Pasteur said: "Chance favors the prepared mind."

Cons: Intentions are only part of the story.

(A) You can't be lazy and find yourself successful — unless your name is George Bush. (Read Nora Ephron: The Secret: A Testimonial by George Bush. She says it all.) Old proverb: "If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride."

(B) Shit happens. Do you think the children in Darfur can't visualize a hot meal in their bellies? On this week's Bill Maher show, his panelists thought the book was a spiritual endorsement of greed and justification for blaming the victim. Nasty people love to think up reasons why Katrina victims deserved their fate and why they themselves deserve another vacation home.


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