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300-Word Writing Challenge

I committed myself to writing 10 columns for the "Canal Times" this summer. In my email I said I'd make them 300 words long.

Then I realized how short 300 words is. What was I thinking?

I nearly wrote wrote back to say, oops, I meant 500. But I didn't want to sound loosey-goosey.

I know my writing has gotten flabby, dashing off these morning entries without a thought. I know my "Babes In Boyland" essays are too long-winded for a quick read. Maybe I need the discipline to write something short — something that can be read in one visual gulp.

Google: "300 words."

Result: Reporter Brady Dennis wrote a series called "300 Words" for the St. Petersburg Times. His short-short storytelling won him an Ernie Pyle Award for human interest writing. They highlight "ordinary" people with a story to tell.