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DISPATCHED FROM THE CROSSROADS, AT THE intersection OF despair and hope


I haven't said much about politics lately because I'm so disgusted. The American people have spoken. But apparently we didn't speak loud enough. For want of a few more senators, Congress is fiddling while the country burns under the Bush-Cheney idiocracy.

Can 2008 come fast enough?

What then? Here's my position at the moment.

Republican: Giulliani is my pick.

Democrat: Clinton for the moment.

If Clinton self-destructs, I like Bill Richardson, governor (+) of New Mexico and one of those super-competent (+) Clinton Admin (+) graduates with foreign policy (+) experience. Obama is an interesting guy — but I thought that about Jesse Jackson too. Barack would make a great Secretary of State.

The Dark Horse: Al Gore. I don't think he'll join the fray, unless Hillary bows out. He would need Bill by his side and — this time — run on Clinton Admin competency. He would definitely get my vote.