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Another Vanity: a tale of buyer's remorse

I decided to upgrade my 2003 cell phone and Palm PDA to a single device. Great for traveling, right? One device, instant access to the Internet and email. Cool.

Blackberry or Treo? I stopped by Cingular to check them out.

A couple hours and some research later, I was back at Cingular signing up for a Treo 680 Smartphone and its expensive data package. A toy! Yippee!

That was Monday.

Well... electronic toys — especially those having anything to do with cell phone companies — can be a curse.

To make a long, longstory short, the CD required to upgrade my "Desktop," to synchonize it with my new phone/organizer was corrupted.

Tuesday morning: back to the Cingular store. Turns out my Treo 680 was" the last one in town" and the Cingular version of the sync software was not available for download off the Net. But they could order another and "grab the CD" out of the box for me — just a few days, maybe a week.

It's moments like these when buyer's remorse sets in. Why had this device been so important to my existence? But it's so cute, so contemporary — as if I were Hillary Clinton, keeping in touch with my campaign team.

"You know," I said to the salesman, "just take the whole thing back. This is not good customer service."

"This isn't about customer service" he said. "We simply don't have them available."

"Well, maybe I'll try again when you do. I paid too much to be diddling around with this."

Naturally it took him 3 phone calls and 10 minutes on the computer to revert everything back to Monday's status and re-activate my old phone.

So much for compulsion.

(But maybe it's a sign I need to wait for an Apple iPhone to become available!)