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In Praise of Old Men

Halfway through the afternoon yesterday, I flipped on C-Span 3 and caught the Senate Hearing on Iraq. Front and center were James Baker and Lee Hamilton, co-chairs of the Iraq Study Group. I've heard the sound bites and the interviews before, but suddenly I was mesmerized.

What is it about retired old men that I love? The white hair and pink cheeks? Well, sure.

I never lost any affection on James Baker, that old Republican operative who made sure little W got into the White House. But yesterday he simply sounded smart. His position in life already won, he has no need to strut like a rooster any longer.

Both men sounded knowledgeable and wise. They understood the situation in the Mideast, Iran and Iraq. They weren't politicking. They weren't making partisan pitches. They simply knew what they were talking about. And they made the Bush-Cheney team look like simpletons. (Yes, Cheney has white hair and pink cheeks, but unfortunately he's not retired and, in fact, he's not that much older than me.)

Bush-Cheney keep offering their slack-jawed military solution. And they keep saying no one else is offering a better plan. They are shouting, "La-la-la-la-la" with their eyes closed and their fingers in their ears.

Go get 'em, geezers!