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Creative Projects: Organizing the Day

chakra dayThe other day I wrote down my outline for getting a creative project done. That gave me a framework for what I guess finally amounts to my New Year's Resolution — a way for organizing my day so that I actually get some project work done.

Afternoon/Evenings: {GROUND} Get all the practical things done, like Ebay; do journal; do zazen... {COMMIT} Decide where the next day's project work will begin... {SET UP} Get work area organized; put away distracting clutter on my desk and work table.

Bedtime: {OPEN UP} Read something inspiring.

Morning: {DO IT} Start in on my project work first thing... {CONNECT} Keep my focus so that I can do some real problem-solving and make new connections... {BREAKTHROUGH} If I'm lucky! ... Try to get 3 hours solid before yoga class; during the yoga class I can reflect on my progress before my concentration goes all to hell and I dive into the afternoon's practicalities.

(I think I made a plan like this before ... but what are New Year's Resolutions for if you can't resolve, get decadent, and resolve again?)