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Saturday, 1.27.07: Week In Review

A snowy and frigid week on Planet Susan.

Saturday. Great Ebay auction results on about 10 old photos of Darwin and his buddies. I'm getting to the end of this little treasure trove — but rarity is why they sell so well. Everybody paid up — also good news.

Sunday. E-mailed 3 of my cousins in Ireland to alert them to our visit in May. Haven't heard back from any of them yet — they are probably conspiring to get out of town.

Tuesday. Joanne came over to review her presentation for Saturday. I'm playing her tech assistant for a 3-hour chakra workshop at the local Spiritualist church.

State of the Union Address. Fell asleep. But I listened to Webb's excellent response next day on the internet.

Thursday. Went with my darling for his colonoscopy — his first ever. All ok. He also breezed through the prep. Apparently, learning to chug-a-lug beer as a frat boy has its advantages in later life.

Pandora Project. Finally bootstrapped my way into reopening my Pandora movie project. Spent most of the time revising the script and the "shot list" so that, when I start drawing again, I can be focused and know I'm supporting a great story.

"The Valentine 1955" (radio version) was licensed for broadcast by WNCU (90.7 FM) in Durham, North Carolina, the public radio station on the campus of North Carolina Central University. I uploaded the video version to YouTube. Might as well join the hoards of video uploaders! (Now you're supposed to visit it and give it a great rating.)

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