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bitch goddessBitch Goddess Eating Plan

As I was saying, women with authority issues are not seduced for long by diet programs. "Submit to us and weight loss will be painless," they say. Sorry, submission pisses us off. And nothing good is painless.

When it's time to recalibrate her food intake the bitch goddess simply faces facts (scales, calories) and feels the pain.

That being said, here's a place to start for the busy BG. Adjust it to fit yourself. Just remember, no one is watching the scale but you.

Wake up: Weigh yourself. But before you do, examine your conscience. What did you eat yesterday that's going to affect the results you see. Step on. Write down the results. Keep track.

Wake up/before leaving the house: Glass of skim milk, with Ovaltine. (Calcium, kick-start the sleeping metabolism.)

Morning at work, when you're hungry: cereal/energy bar or dry cereal (don't go to a business lunch hungry).

Business Lunch: remember what you used to eat when you were your ideal weight — 1/2 a sandwich with a smear of peanut butter & jelly? Not 3 slices of pizza. Not everything on the buffet. Use a small plate. Take tiny portions. Eat slowly.

3 PM Slump. Heat up a mug (even 2) of V8 juice in the microwave. Yum. OR cook up a batch of Healthy Choice no-fat popcorn (scorch it a little for flavor).

Dinner. Enjoy! But keep portions small and no seconds. If you eat out, eat a third of what you have and bring home the rest for 2 more dinners. Glass of wine? For sure!

Evening slump. Ideal: no food, no alcohol. Tall glass of chilled water. If that is not sustainable, have one scrumpious piece of Godiva chocolate, anticipated and savored. Or a cup of with frosted mini-wheats, if you must.

Sleep. Go to bed in time to get 8 hours sleep. Overtiredness leads to overeating.

Reversing the path of overindulgence is painful, but you're totally in charge, never passive, never a victim. Victimhood is being tortured into thinking a Weight Watcher brownie tastes good.