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"Give 'Em Hill" Hillary

Now that Hillary has declared that she's going to make a run for it, my doubts have suddenly disappeared. Hillary for President!

I wish she had experience as a governor, but she's been a great Senator, not just a ceremonial ex-First-Lady. People take her more seriously than Libby Dole, who — even though she ran the Red Cross — has a little too much Southern Belle about her (and a really bad face lift).

Now it will be interesting to see what Bill does. He can't overpower her with his own charisma but can't hold back either. I'm sure he'd love to be in the White House again. He can get her re-elected, then she can appoint him Secretary of State and he can get back into public service (and out of the House to let her govern).

She'll need to be straightforward about any controversies, rumors, lies, and issues of the past. Learn from John Kerry's mistakes without sounding too overscripted.

The public has already seen that Congress isn't crumbling under a woman's leadership. Women are used to getting the job done. While W and Dick have spent 6 years trying to show the world how manly they are, Nancy and Hillary will show the world what women do: clean up the messes.