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Shotgun Wedding?

For all my year-end navel-gazing — still in a creative dead-zone. If you can't be creative, dig up a little scandal.

After my conversation with Uncle Pat, I revised the Family Tree.

Uncle Ern died in 1944.

Great-grandpa William James died in 1934. (My typo). The funeral must have been the 2-year-old Pat's earliest memory.

I wound up finding some more information on Mary Ann Price, the child who died aboard ship on the Prices' voyage to America. I thought Bill was the oldest child, but it looks like she was. And it looks like Sarah Elizabeth was about 6 months pregnant at her wedding. Oops.

I sent Uncle Pat this timeline, with a revised WJ Price Family page:

April 3,1881 (date of British Isles Census)
William James Price was living with his parents in the civil parish of Foston & Scropton in Staffordshire (just over the border from Derbyshire)

Sarah Elizabeth Newham was living with her brothers and sister-in-law in Burton on Trent, Staffordshire.

3rd Quarter, 1881 (public marriage records)
William and Sarah were married in the Bourne District of Lincolnshire (where the Newham family lived)

4th Quarter, 1881 (public birth index)
Mary Ann Price was born in Burton on Trent (where Sarah had been living). If this is correct, she was conceived prior to the wedding.

August, 1883 (from Curly’s records)
William Price was born in Sudbury, Derbyshire

Late 1883 – 1884
William J, Sarah and the two children made their passage to American. I have been frustrated that I can’t find their ship record.

1884 (St. Louis City Directory, researched by Curly)
The Price family is first recorded in St. Louis, living on South Ewing. (I found at least one City Directory that recorded addresses as of the first quarter of the following year, so they might have arrived any time during 1884 or even at the beginning of 1885.)