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Bush Terrifies Me

Driving around yesterday I listened to a lot of George Bush's press conference. Oy.

He's become a parody of himself. A Saturday Night Live Daily Show version of a president. The human phrase-o-matic — ask a question and out comes a randomly assorted set of pat phrases (minus "stay the course").

Everyone thought that the Iraq Study Group would be Daddy's way of rescuing W. Sorry. The dysfunction runs too deep. The Commander In Chief will have none of it. And apparently he's also stopped listening to his generals. I pity those good men, who understand that they must take orders from a civilian lunatic. I pity the new Defense Secretary. Read Marty Kaplan today for his "Seven Days In May" scenario.

It would be comic — except that it's so tragic. And there is two more years. A Democratic Congress may not be enough to stop a spoiled brat from pursuing his willfully disastrous policies.

Is ANYONE in the Bush administration worried enough and patriotic enough to DO SOMETHING about him?!


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