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Contingency Planning

Senator Tim Johnson (D-South Dakota): we hope he's recovering.

In the meantime — just to cover all the bases — someone should send Harry Reid a DVD of "Waking Ned Devine" (1998).

If you missed it: Ned Devine wins the National Lottery, but the news kills him. His fellow villagers in the Irish hamlet of Tullymore "hatch a plan to fool the visiting official from Dublin, who after all has never laid eyes on Ned in his life (few have, outside of Tullymore). Michael will impersonate Ned. The whole town will of course have to be in on the scheme, and so Jackie and Michael draw up an agreement in which their friends and neighbors will join in the deception and share in the prize" [Ebert].

If the Republicans could pretend Strom Thurmond was alive all those years, the the Democrats can be at least that clever.


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