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Crunch Time

Having got past the indignities of hospital clinics, we are concentrating on removing all the collections from the living/dining room. Brian arrives tomorrow to rip up carpets and assess the damage to the underflooring.

The builders used flimsy plywood underflooring, which has cracked open soft spots over the years. Brian will have to patch holes and add a layer of hardboard before the oak strips get installed.

Anyway, we are getting a chance to "play with" the hundred of living room "inhabitants" — all the Buddhas, and Vishnus, and magic African sculpture. We're giving everything a dusting before they go in their boxes or to the kitchen table. They do enjoy a dusting. To the spirits inside the item, it must seem like going through a car wash after a salty winter — suddenly they sense the world again. With their newfound sparkle they seem to smile at us.

Maybe hardwood floors will produce less dust — though you can be sure we will have a dozen ancient carpets scattered about. (Maybe an occasional vacuuming would have helped — too late now, ha!)

Anyway, as our stuff disappears, the room actually begins to look smaller and like the dreary, ticky-tack condo that it is. Can't wait for a new start!


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