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The Good Book

Ever try to accomplish something but feel all discombobulated? Get organized around a project? Solve a brain-twisting problem? Come up with something original and creative? And you spin in circles or go off in a thousand direction.

Seems like there should be a Good Book — a Bible of sorts — for getting things done. Something to pull off the shelf — a well-thumbed volume full of spirit and mysterious poetry. But it also needs to have a diagram or a road-map to tell you where you are at the moment.

I'm not sure why I put this in religious terms. Maybe I feel like I've read all the project-management, how-to-get-organized, get-up-&-go books and there is something missing. I went through my Stephen Covey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People stage. Good concepts, no doubt. The bookstores are filled with how to be successful books.

Been there, done that.

Now I want the wisdom of the ages.

Is it a search for meaning? No. I can spin meaning into just about anything. Plus, I haven't suffered or witnessed that much suffering in my life to be asking the "why bad things happen to good people" question.

Is it a search for enightenment? What does "enlightenment" mean to me? Hmm... heavy question... I'll save it for another day.


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