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What Next?

Click, then click magnifying cursor to see full sizeI finishing inking my cartoon class project.* The process was pure enjoyment. The product is... okay. As I fill my eyes with the work of famous cartoonists, I can see the gaping chasm between my work and theirs. Question: does that chasm create a goal for me or, at the age of 58, is it simply a downer?**

The real questions are where am I going with this and what next?

I love the look of a comic book layout, but I need to get back to "Pandora's Children," my movie-making project.

What have I learned by this detour?

1. Reducing a story to a single page of panels helps punch it up. Story is everything.

2. If I'm successful in my movie project, it won't be because of the drawing. But even my tenth-grade drawing is capable of expressing emotion. I need to build on that.

2. Humor is required, even in a "tragedy." The "strategy geek" is my hero, but people generally don't like the wonks who keep score and who preside at long meetings. Hard to imagine...



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*To see the project, click on the thumbnail version. To see it "full strength," click the little magnifier cursor to get it to full size.

**And, "do I overthink things?"