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A Place For Everything

Jim and I are two peas in a very small pod. As soon as we become interested in something, the evidence piles up in the small spaces between us.

Jim is more tolerant of the "collage of passion" growing around him. Until we sold his book collection and shredded years of old income tax returns, his usable study had been reduced to a couple square feet of floor space and a few square inches of desk space.

My study/studio gets that way, but I can't stand it and have to clear away the brush. There are layers of passionate endeavors: bead collection; Rubbermaid boxes representing last year's craft-mania; video and audio recording equipment; CD music collection; computer peripherals (incl. 2 scanners, 3 printers); a pile of paint chips and decorating mags; table-top photography set-up, including special lights and a photo tent (for ebay stuff); drawing equipment and supplies for current cartooning obsession. And always: books, books, books.

If Jim can't walk into the room without knocking into something, I know it's time to tame the beast.

We are also getting ready to tear apart the overcrowded living room for remodeling.

So, for a couple days I've been in "a place for everything and everything in its place mood."

Ah, walking paths! Ah, clear table-tops! What a soothing tonic for an overheated mind.


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