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Tired of politics yet?

Ok, the election is over. We won. Rumsfeld is on his way out. The gloating has run its course. Nothing has changed. Nothing will change for months.

Maybe I should feel sorry for cable news and talk radio. All they have to talk about is "inside baseball" — reports that haven't been issued yet, lame duck hearings, party caucuses, pointless political feuds, and endless speculation about 2008. Must we really be interested in the pros and cons of a re-match between Hillary and Rudy? Only New Yorkers remember that that they both ran for her Senate seat till he dropped out of the race due to (yeah, sure) prostate cancer.

So, I'm taking a break from my daily overdose of progressive talk radio. (Maybe.)

But I do know these things:

Bush is still dangerous.

Iraq is still a no-win tragedy.

By February 2007, it'll all be the Democrat's fault.


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