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The Bums Say Bye

Another day to celebrate .

Rumsfeld got shown the door yesterday. The President sounded almost lucid yesterday as he announced Rumsfeld's "time to go" and tried to make nice with the Democrats.

The vote might have turned out differently if Bush had kicked Rummy's butt out months ago — what happens when you insist on your own reality.

Good analogy: imagine a baseball game and the pitcher has allowed 10 runs in the fifth inning. What coach would say: "Oh I can't replace him, because what would the other team think??? They might think we're weak, that I'm a flip-flopper, that I don't stand behind my people." Wuh??? The other team wouldn't have the THINK anything. They would know that, if you don't take quick action to replace a crashing pitcher, you are a LOSER.

I guess that's the difference between sports and the kind of military mess we've gotten ourselves into. The definition of winning is clear in a baseball game. A little tougher in a war that's already caused so much chaos — but nothing a competent, reality-based Secretary of Defense shouldn't be able to deal with. If our enemies are smart, they should be shaking in their boots this morning that American know-how might finally get a chance to work.

Morning news says George Allen is poised to concede Virginia to Jim Webb. Wow. I can't believe Karl Rove didn't have a trick up his sleeve for that one.

It actually makes me proud that We The People reminded Congress and the President that they work for us and that we can fire them when we don't think they are doing the people's business. It gives me faith in America that, despite gerrymandering, spin machines, buggy voting machines, and corporate manipulation, we can still rise up, cast our votes, and throw the bums out. Hillary for Majority Leader!

Go, America!


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