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Go, Dems!

It's over. "Speaker Pelosi" — far out.

As hooked on politics as I am, I couldn't stand watching the play-by-play last night on CNN. It was like watching a scoreless World Series game where the announcers have nothing to do except quote statistics and spurious correlations. Hearing the breakdown of exit polls — "if you were a woman voter... but if you'd been in the military.." — made me want to scream. Who the hell won? But of course they had no idea.

I finally decided that the November 8 analysis of the actual results would be preferable. We watched the last episode of the PBS series on U.S. slavery, then I retired to my study to do my little drawings and watch the latest episode of "House."

I guess we won't hear about the Senate till later. I'd like to see it go Democrat, but I'd really like to see Virginia hand that a-hole "Macacawicz" Allen his walking papers. What a total jerk.

I know that power corrupts. I know that Democrats will have their hands out to corporations and lobbyists as quickly as the Republicans did. But wouldn't it be nice to have a shining moment when, under the leadership of a woman, our Congress could take the high road and actually try to serve We The People? (Well, and make W squirm!)


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