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If it's Tuesday

If it's Tuesday, 11/7/06, it must be time to vote. Not much exciting in our neck of the woods. We will re-elect our no-last-names-needed great dames — Hillary for Senate — and Louise for Representative. The "Sheriff of Wall Street" Elliot Spitzer will become our governor and I think Andrew "Son of Mario" Cuomo will become our Attorney General. Our ancient voting machines have mechanical levers to flip, so no scandal brewing there. Our local outcomes are predictable, but I still find it a thrill to vote.

But if it's Tuesday, it's also the morning after cartooning class. Again, only two others showed up — a 10th-grader and a harried mother of 2 infants. I've whipped up my passion so high for the "Pandora's Children" project that it's almost embarrassing to roll in with enough material for a master class at some art institute. But sheeesh — I still can't draw a decent hand, but I'm keeping a promise to myself.

I had assembled scans of my sketches against an Illustrator background of a conference room. While the shadows of children hover outside the door, Maddie is trying to gain consensus for the agency's strategy map. The Administrative Team couldn't care less.


It made the teacher laugh. "Oh I know those meetings," he said. "I used those meetings to teach myself cartooning." Hmm...

My hero is the impassioned Maddie, who is trying to save the world. Yet the teacher (an impassioned and dedicated artist) identifies more with the bored Administrative Group.

Is this a Life Lesson? The bored and uninvolved, through the power of their collective inertia, wind up defeating and demoralizing life's lovers. Having passion means exposing yourself to mockery.

It is safer to hide among abstractions and concepts. It's safer to tell yourself that you don't care. It's safer to call passionate people whackos.

Time to vote!


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