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Saturday, 11.4.06: Week In Review

An industrious week on Planet Susan.

Drawing. I've become teacher's pet in cartooning class — not because my drawings are so great, but I'm the only one of the six students who shows up every week.

storyboardStill using the class to work on "Pandora's Children." A breakfast meeting with Maria last Sunday motivated me to get as much as I could laid out in storyboard format (top right). Time-consuming but very useful.

I'm now concentrating on the critical conference room scenes in the second act. Six people in various stages of animosity and disgruntlement. It should be fun, but it's taxing both my drawing and my layout skills (middle right).

camera layoutIdea: take pictures of myself in these grumpy postures so I could have models for the conference room scenes. I went to great lengths to figure out how to set up my video camera to do snapshots. Better than my still camera because it has a remote. Battery in the remote was dead, of course. Trip across the street to Radio Shack. The results were so-so (see sample below right), but now I know how to do it.

Ebay. Images of 19th century naturalists & philosophers are attracting some attention.

Home improvement. Finally fixed bedroom bookshelves. Years ago I installed shelves under the window with the cheesiest bracket/standard set-up using little screws and drywall shields (whatever). They collapsed under the weight of heavy art books and have been sitting there — books holding up books — ever since. Got some heavy weight brackets/standards. After the stupid "self-drilling" toggle bolts didn't work (the screw can go in at an angle and miss pushing the toggle into place), I bought gigantic toggle bolts and a 3/4" drill bit and went to town. A woman and her power tools!

Brian is coming by next week to finalize plans for remodeling the living/dining room in December. That will be a gigantic mess, with ceiing repairs and new flooring.

self-studyGod. My ruminations about God opened up a dialogue with Ellen. I love discussing these grand issues, but most of all it was great to have this sort of intense conversation with my sister.

Birthday. 58, but I hear that 60 is the new 40... We boomers love to reframe the world to our liking.

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