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Practice, Practice, Practice


Advice from teacher: #1. Draw from real life, or at least from photos. #2. Practice, practice, practice.

Advice from myself. #3. Always try to kill two (or more) birds with one stone.

So yesterday I practiced, drew from photos, AND worked on my movie.

I need to draw members of a "Change Team" for the movie, so I pulled out snapshots from a team I worked with in 1995.

The hours floated by.

Observation: I don't necessarily get better by the end of a long session of drawing. Maybe my concentration starts flagging or I think I can do short-cuts (which I can't). When I get into these flows, should I quit when I peak — or is the idea to keep pushing the envelope?

Last night I scanned the sketches — still pretty rough — and made the little Flash animation on the right. I'm making myself think about how these characters will be used, so it helps seeing the drawing in motion.

For the moment I'm over the threshold when it comes to surrendering myself to pencil and paper. But as with all journeys, there are demons ahead.



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