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More on Evil

A headline this morning: " Cheney Back Delivering the Grim Campaign Speech." He warns the world against the weakness of the Democrats as if the Republicans were the great saviors of civilization, then goes behind closed doors to raise millions of dollars.

I think he's evil.

It's guys like him who are the catalysts for turning institutions bad.

It's pretty clear that Cheney could care less about social issues. He's not the Religious Right's guy. He Big Business' guy. I wonder just what went on in his little energy committee in 2001. Do you think they decided that war and conflict was good for the oil business? That peace and diplomacy were only for old hippies and degenerate bluebloods?

And look: 5 years later the oil companies have never been richer. The world, never uglier.

The evil brilliance comes is getting people to believe that the world is now divided into Christianists + Zionists versus Islamists — that there is actually a war of ideas occurring, that we are fighting for our very souls.

Not a new idea. The English did it to the Irish, centuries ago. They welcomed the Catholic Church to come in and shape up the unruly Irish — not to save their souls but to make them economically useful and compliant with English law.

So now, the vision and energy comes from the Holy Rollers, while the money comes from business. And those of us whose income and retirement funds depend on the health of the stock market are stuck in the middle.

It's as if a spell were cast over the land, like in Sleeping Beauty. Whatever arguments the Democrats make, the Republican sorcerers put them out of our minds with their fairy tales and magic potions.


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