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The Devil Made Me Do It

I had the radio on yesterday listening to all the fallout from Mark Foley's misbehavior with the Congressional pages. I can't resist a good Republican squirmathon.

Here's what's bothering me (and I think it was Jack Cafferty who said it first):

Why is it these guys never get help until they are exposed? Is shame their only motivation?

First, he's an alcoholic, fleeing into the safe haven of rehab. Then he has his lawyer tell us that he's gay and that he was sexually abused by a clergyman as an adolescent. Should I give the guy credit for quitting Congress and getting the therapy he needs? Then why don't I give him the pity he's looking for? He claims to be taking responsibility for his actions but can't wait to give us a couple of "mitigating circumstances."

The gays should be mad. Anyone who survived sexual abuse to live a decent life should be mad. He's even giving alcoholics a bad name, for godsake.

He may have left Congress but he's still delivering right-wing agitprop: homosexuality is the issue.

I should have compassion and recognize that we all deny our problems and think we are savvy enough to get away with our indiscretions, but I'd rather say this: He's just another lordly Republican who thinks the rules are for simpletons, who thinks corruption is okay unless you're caught. Getting caught is the worst sin. But if you do get caught, rush into rehab, reveal a little something to invoke pity and deflect personal responsibility, then (we still have this to look forward to) start blubbering about Jesus.


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