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Another Righteous Right-y Going to Hell

Representative Mark Foley admitted that he's, well, a pervert. Another authority figure charged with protecting children — as head of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children — betrays the public trust. And another institution is tarnished as it becomes clear that the Republican leadership ignored the signals.

It's disgusting but true that youthful innocence will always attract droolers and demons. And you can't always predict who they will be. (Oy, now the army recruiters are in the act of raping young women.) But decent institutions have protocols for immediate follow-up on any suspicion. Yes, children and teenagers can be mischievous little liars too — but, as adults, we are still responsible for their protection.

We learned in brutal detail that the Catholic Church missed the memo. Now perhaps Congress did too.

I understand the impulse to snap your eyes shut and wish the problem away. I had a short mental health film nearly done when we discovered one of our stars was on his way to jail for having sex with a minor. I just wanted that terrible fact to go away and get my movie done. Maybe no one would find out...? Fortunately, when those of us involved put our heads together, the correct path was obvious — he had to be replaced and someone had to tell him why.

Nobody likes a scandal. But like a splinter, isn't it easier in the long run to pull it out than to pretend it's not there and let it fester? Hoping it will somehow just go away?

I can only hope that I don't have to see Foley blubbering about his pitiful self on the news.


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