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Scenic animation

My cartoon faces and figures may spring from the Betty/Veronica genre, but overall I'm aiming for the flavor of Eastern European animation. Subtle. Backgrounds that look painted rather than cartoon-y. My 10-second experiment:

The wintry scene was developed from an early 20th century photo postcard of a Penfield NY high school (See original below). Along with the scrap of music, I threw in the shadowy figures last night when I was preparing this little show & tell. Their movement is a little too mechanical at the moment. But like I said — experimenting.

early photo postcard Penfiled NYTech notes: (1) Postcard scanned into Photoshop, sky masked out, image desaturated to grays; Illustrator — drew the "ink" outline of the building over a copy of the PS image; pasted it back into PS over the photo; Photoshop — blurred the photo, created a new sky (including the "setting sun") with grunge brushes and gradients.

(2) The animation was done in After Effects 7.0: snow and a grunge loop for added atmospheric texture. Exported as a Quicktime movie and placed into a Flash 8 player.


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