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"Pandora" Progress

sketch practice by sbpLast week I got a head start on my back-to-business autumn. I reopened a filmmaking project I lost track of somewhere in early 2004. I keep changing the title. This week it's "Pandora."

I have a fat sheaf of gel pen scribbles and diagrams from my past efforts — not sure that helps me get organized because it leaps from one idea to the next. But it looks lovely and contains a lot of pointers from my reading on screenplay structure.

Overall I feel like I'm working from the middle in all directions, words and pictures tumbling through my mind in disarray.


Length: under 15 minutes

Format: Animation, but nothing Disneyish where I have to do lip syncs and walk cycles. I'm thinking more cut-and-paste "avantgarde" with a little bit of drawing. And a voiceover narration. I think that's been a good format for me.

However, my cut-and-paste movies in the past were all quickies. Whatever works, slap it down, go. Here I have the opportunity to put more time into it — not always better — sometimes spontaneity brings nice surprises.

Voiceover: I have the narration just about done. I stumbled into a hardboiled voice — Maddie is no innocent; she's a dame who's been around. Think Bette Davis or Lauren Bacall. It fits the mood of the story: disaffection and disorder. Memo to self: Can't rely on a narrator to tell the whole story. The best animations let the visuals tell the tale.

Design: The hardboiled tone and the theme of disillusionment point to heavy black and white design and a retro feel. Splashes of red. We'll see about that.

So far, so good. But I still feel disorganized — maybe it's just the chaos before I find my groove.


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