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Funny kid sister or brother?

Flash... younger siblings are funnier than the oldest. Who could have guessed?

From BBC news:

Children with older brothers and sisters find it easier to make people laugh, a survey has suggested. Just over half of younger siblings questioned said it was easy to be humorous, compared with just a third of those who were first-born. And just 11% of only children had the skill, according to the study of 1,000 people by psychologist Richard Wiseman. Experts said younger children were more likely to feel the need to compete for parental attention. And being funny continues into adulthood.

[According to the researcher] "The youngest has to compete for parental attention, so they have to be a bit more unconventional. They are risk-takers, and also more humorous. On the other hand, older children tend to take on much more serious roles. And only children don't feel the need to compete for attention."

I guess this explains the video.


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