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A Product to Show Off

Tomorrow Joanne P is making her presentation on chakras at the International Center for Cultural Studies conference here in town: "Achieving Inner and Outer Balance in the Ancient Traditions and Cultures: Exploring Ancient Paths to Wellbeing." I'm going along as her A/V Assistant.

She's using the presentation I've been working on and had to learn so much new software to accomplish.

You can see the final presentation here, where I inserted it into a new web page . It's way cool, if I do say so myself. It's meant for a presenter to manipulate (full screen) using a laptop and projector, so the controls may not be obvious to the casual web passerby.

You can figure it out for yourself or follow these instructions:

  1. Lower right: Press "Enter" when you're done being mesmerized by the spinning shapes.
  2. The menu consists of the symbols and words down the left.
  3. The "Intro" slide has a movie embedded. Run your cursor over the screen if you don't see the controls.
  4. The "Overview" slide has 4 violet buttons. Click on each to see the chakras in action.
  5. The chakra symbol buttons take you to a slide on that chakra, with 8 seconds of music.
  6. The back-to-beginning symbol on the lower right takes you back to the entry slide.

I hope you can tell I had fun doing this. I don't know if Joanne will want to leave it up on the web or save it for her presentations. I'm wondering if I should use a simpler version for the web (that doesn't need instructions!) or to leave it mysterious (like life).



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