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Ebay Doldrums

cardinals baseball guide 1954It is certainly a slow day in Ebay hell when neither the 1954 St Louis Cardinals nor the 1936 Olympics sell at auction. I guess it's my way of keeping my finger on the pulse of the planet: it is late August. The weather is good enough to drive both baseball and Nazi/Olympics collectors away from their computers.

Better stop trying to auction till after Labor Day.

1937 kitchen calendarThe store does better this time of year. People stuck indoors at work or sleepless on a Saturday night cruise Ebay looking for a little instant gratification. Maybe feeling sorry for themselves. They are fantasizing about winter and skiing — lots of sales there, from Poland to Spain to California . They want a tiny vintage souvenir from somewhere that makes them nostalgic: San Francisco, Yellowstone, Stony Brook Glen NY, or Maine. And a few burrow into the sheet music category to look for a cover that expresses just the right sentiment.

When I was in St Louis in June, my brother gave me 36 items to sell — he has an eye for cool little bits of trash — rock star posters from the 1970s, street maps from the 1950s, discarded calendars from the 1930s. Since the Ebay store prices are going up today, I pushed myself on Sunday to get the last of his items posted so that we can get at least a month of lower prices.

I love it when the "End Transaction" folder in my Eudora email program pops up. A sale! Even if it's only a $4 postcard, I get a thrill. Someone found me! Someone likes me! One more orphan finds a home!


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