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Another Day

August Doldrums by SBPrice

It was beautiful yesterday and my restlessness continued.

Walked to the post office with some Ebay packages, then walked along the canal in Pittsford. Checked out the new public library there -- looks like a Barnes & Noble, with easy chairs, a fireplace and a bagel shop in the building.

I didn't really feel like doing anything. Checked out the batteries in my Dell laptop to see if they were the ones being recalled due to fire hazard. They aren't.

I wound up organizing all the papers strewn across my work table... which led to some file drawer reorganizing... but restrained myself from anything too ambitious.

I did the cartoon above before I went to bed. Pencil, inked over, scanned. Photoshop "wash" and view out the window. Me in my cartoon world, as the world goes by. I started to animate what was happening in the window but sleep caught up with me.


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