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Ok, Quit Whining.

Doodling by SBPriceAfter I did my periodic "wish I were a cartoonist" column yesterday, I decided to do something about it.

The Creative Workshop catalog of the local art museum came in the mail last week. It's offering a 10-week course in Drawing for Comics & Illustration by John Kastner. I signed up.

I also found a cheap old notebook and resolved to doodle more. "What?" you ask. Yes, doodle. People who sit in boring meetings half their day have lots of doodle time, but since I'm my own boss my fingers and brain are otherwise occupied. But that doesn't mean I don't have down time, like last night during "Project Runway."

There's a book called "The Artists Way" that advises doing "morning pages" -- religiously filling 3 pages of a notebook with longhand every morning when you wake up. Private. Uncensored. Whatever blah-blah-blah spills out of your brain. I did it for a month or so after I left the Institution. It does help you get over yourself and move on to more creative pursuits.

So I'm thinking there should be a similar mechanism for drawing. Fill one notebook page with doodles every day. Uncensored. Just do it. Something's bound to happen.


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