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August Continues

It's also a sign of the August or between-projects or whatever syndrome when I start agonizing over not being a cartoonist. What the heck is that about?

It's not that I can't manage to eek out a drawing. See Lucy on the right. (Why is the background zipping by? Hmmm... just to see if I could do it...)

But Real Cartoonists create characters and scenes and achieve an easygoing fluidity.

This comes with practice, which I don't do.

I practice writing nearly every day, right here. Sit at the computer, unleash my fingers. The words pour out. Good. Bad. Boring. No matter.

Why can't I just accept it that my writing is better than my drawing and be satisfied with my half-way decent Photoshop projects? But my imaginary guru tells me: "Follow the disturbance."

I don't practice drawing because:

  • I don't have the right paper
  • I can't decide whether to use a pencil (careful erasable lines) or a pen (looser sketching)
  • I don't have the right pen
  • The paper isn't the right size
  • I don't have a good place to draw - should I sit on my bed, go to a coffee shop?

What a fine load of excuses. All centering on the physicality of the process. Is that the issue? Oh, enough analysis for today...


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